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The Van Expert provides expert and impartial advice on everything you need to know about buying a van, pick-up or any other form of LCV.

Stellantis small vans

If two vans are the same, does the badge matter?

Vehicle sharing is rife within the LCV market. So which should you choose when several brands sell the exact same van with different badges?
Citroen electric van range

What’s the right-sized van for my business?

Choosing the best van for the job can demand a bit of homework, including some maths. Let The Van Expert guide you through the basics.
Volkswagen Caddy Cargo

Can I part exchange a car for a van?

Does a change of direction mean you need a different kind of transport? Chopping your car in for a van is easy.
How important is the latest number plate?

New registration plate unlikely to halt van sales decline

Falling van sales won’t be boosted by the new 72-plate changeover starting on the 1st of September, according to a new report.
Electric vans - what's on sale and what's coming soon

Electric vans – what’s on sale and what’s coming soon?

As more van buyers look to make a switch to EVs, our comprehensive guide tells you what electric vans are on sale now and what's coming soon.
Can you get finance on a van if you're unemployed?

Can I get finance on a van if I’m unemployed?

Need a van to launch your new business, but you currently don’t have a job – can you get finance? Yes, but it’s not plain sailing.
The UK's best van subscription providers | The Car Expert

The best van subscription providers

Vehicle subscription is in demand, and may be perfect for your business needs. We look at some of the best van subscription providers.

Manual or automatic – what’s best for you?

The work you do, the journeys you make and your style of driving are considerations to bear in mind when deciding between a manual or auto van.

The best websites for checking a van before you buy

When you change your work vehicle for something newer, how can you be sure that the used van you think you’ve found is as good as it looks?

Buying a new van? Always test drive it first

It might only be your work tool, but a van is important to your business and buying one is an exciting time. So asking for a test drive is essential.

Used vans: is it ok to buy an insurance write-off?

It’s one thing buying a second-hand van for your business – especially when you’re looking for a bargain – but is an insurance write-off OK to consider?

Buying an ex-rental van: good idea, or bad move?

They are sold with big discounts and appear to tick all the boxes, but is buying a ex-rental van really a good idea?
2015 Ford Tansit Custom | The Van Expert

The best used panel vans for £10,000

Not in a position to fork out for a new van? We look at five different models you can get your hands on for less than £10K
van scrappage scheme

Mayor of London launches scrappage scheme for older diesel vans

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a scrappage scheme to help small businesses prepare for the capital’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone.
Mercedes-Benz Vito August 2018

How will environmental laws affect van owners?

What will WLTP, Clean Air Zones, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and new VED rates mean for van owners?
TrustFord site in Dagenham

Keeping the customer satisfied

We've rounded up some of the best sales initiatives around at the moment aimed at making the van buying and owning experience a bit more special.
Isuzu D-Max on construction site

What to consider when buying a pick-up

Britain's growing love affair with the pick-up has made it the biggest market in Europe. With this in mind, The Van Expert looks at issues to consider if you're buying a pick-up.
Things to consider when buying a van (The Car Expert)

Key factors to consider when buying a van

What are the key factors to consider when buying a van? The Van Expert has put together this handy guide to help van buyers.
Peugeot Partner van

Insight – electric future for Peugeot and Citroën

PSA Group is increasing promotional activity for its electric vans – the Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo – to grow its urban fleet presence.
Grey fleet vehicle management (The Van Expert)

Incorporating grey fleet vehicles into your fleet management

Providing employees with the option to use their own private vehicle for business use has becoming increasingly popular, but what do you need to know first?
Renault Master street food van

Setting up your own street food van

The popularity of street food has grown substantially over the past few years, as more and more businesses are choosing mobile food units over traditional bricks-and-mortar locations.
Servicing your vehicle when it is financed by PCP must be done by the dealer

How PCP finance affects your service requirements

The popularity of PCP vehicle finance has allowed LCV manufacturers to be sneaky when it comes to forcing you to service your van with their dealer network.