Citroën reveals electric E-Berlingo Multispace

The all-electric MPV will go on sale this autumn


Citroën has revealed an all-electric version of the Berlingo Multispace, which will go on sale in the autumn.

Dubbed the E-Berlingo Multispace, the new model is the latest addition to the Multispace range, which in turn is based on the Berlingo L1 van. 

The electric drivetrain is the same unit utilised by the Berlingo electric van, with the electric motor producing 67hp of power and 200Nm of torque. The motor is powered by two lithium-ion battery packs mounted either side of the rear axle, so load space is not compromised.

Citroen claims a range of 106 miles on the official cycle, but in the real world this will be significantly reduced. 

The Citroën E-Berlingo Multispace will arrive in the UK later this year

The batteries can be charged from flat to 50% capacity in 15 minutes or 80% capacity in 30 minutes when a dedicated rapid charge point is used. A full charge from a regular three-pin domestic plug takes 10 hours. Regenerative braking also helps to recharge the batteries and reduce brake wear.

The E-Berlingo Multispace retains the same 675-litre cargo area as the equivalent petrol and diesel models. The storage area can be extended to 3,000 litres with the second row of seats folded down, and there is also the option to completely remove the seats to create a flat loading bay.

Like most new electric vehicles, the E-Berlingo Multispace can be accessed via a smartphone app that allows a driver to control interior heating remotely and assess the car’s battery charge. The app also includes an eco-driving assistance programme which offers drivers advice on how to maximise the car’s range.

Pricing and specification for UK models has yet to be announced. The E-Berlingo Multispace will go on sale in the third quarter of the year, with first deliveries following shortly afterwards.

Citroen E-Berlingo Multispace arrives in the UK Q3 2017

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