Guest Blogs

The Van Expert welcomes guest blogs from anyone interested in writing an article about CV buying, vehicle ownership or the automotive industry in general, and guest blogs contribute significantly to the success of our site.  However, there are a few house policies which you need to be aware of before submitting your article for publication.  Please note that these policies are subject to review at any time.

In addition to the below, it’s worth having a read of this article before submitting a guest post.  Make our lives easier and your content will go live much more quickly.

  1. Articles must be original and unique to The Van Expert.  Copy which has been plagiarised from elsewhere or submitted to multiple sites will not be accepted.  If such content is found on this site, it will be removed immediately.
  2. Infographics will be considered as guest blogs only if they are accompanied by a minimum of 400 words of unique content.
  3. The Van Expert reserves the right to edit or amend all guest blogs as necessary for publication.  This is usually done for SEO purposes, but may be for any other reason.  If the author is unhappy with any of the edits made and compromise cannot be found, the article will be withdrawn.
  4. Guest blogs will only be accepted from (or on behalf of) authors who provide full details of who they are, and who they are representing.  Blog requests from “” or similar with no further explanation will be ignored.  If you represent a business or another website, please declare it up front rather than pretending you just really like writing about cars and would just love to be featured on The Van Expert…
  5. Guest blogs must contribute useful and impartial information to a topic, and not be construed as advertising in any way for an organisation or person.  Paid advertising is welcome, but will be clearly shown as such (see Advertising).  Authors writing on behalf of their business may provide a bio paragraph including a link to their site, but not in the body of the article.  Neutral links will be only considered if they are relevant.  The Van Expert reserves the right to add any internal or external links to guest articles, however we do not sell links to any other parties in your article.
  6. Articles should be a minimum of 500 words long.
  7. Guest articles will be formatted to fit our standard page template, which includes advertising links from providers such as Google AdSense.  These ads can be replaced or removed if required; please see Advertising for more information.
  8. Guest bloggers are encouraged provide their own pictures (not copyright to anyone else) for their articles.  Images should be high resolution and as large as possible, so that they can be cropped as required to fit the website.  The Van Expert reserves the right to crop any images to fit the site template, or substitute alternative pictures if the submitted ones are not considered suitable.
  9. Submitted articles must be in English (that’s UK English for those in North America; ‘tyre’, ‘colour’ and all that stuff!).  Unfortunately, we do not yet produce this site in other languages.  Please use good language, good spelling and good grammar – we get bored having to correct bloggers’ poor grasp of the English language.
  10. Authors must include a bio paragraph, either separately or at the end of their article, including a photo.  Links to social media pages and profiles, etc are encouraged.  The bio paragraph may include a link to an organisation related to the car industry or automotive media.
  11. Articles which are written clearly and include relevant images will be given publishing priority over articles which need substantial reworking or which require additional images to be sourced.
  12. The Van Expert does not pay for guest blogs.
  13. The Van Expert reserves the right to accept or reject any article at any time.  The editor’s decision is final.

All guest blogs should be submitted to If you have any questions about any of the above, just ask.

Last updated:  July 2016