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LCV finance, buying and ownership advice

Who or what is Maxus?

Launched after the collapse of LDV in 2009, the growing Maxus brand has established a reputation in the LCV industry that's hard to ignore.

Can I modify my lease van?

It’s not unusual to choose a lease deal for your work vehicle. But are you allowed to modify your leased van? Here’s what you can and can’t do.

How to save up to £12k on a new electric van in London

Looking for a new ULEZ-compliant van for your London-based business? You can get up to £!2k in grants when swapping diesel power for electric.

Ford Transit Custom: current model or new 2023 model?

An all-new Ford Transit Custom is coming in 2023. Should you buy a current model or is it worth waiting for the next-generation van?

If two vans are the same, does the badge matter?

Vehicle sharing is rife within the LCV market. So which should you choose when several brands sell the exact same van with different badges?

Euro NCAP toughens up van safety testing

Crash test safety body Euro NCAP has tightened up the criteria for its van safety ratings, with an increased focus on safety assistance technology.

Van insurance costs have risen by 16% in the past year

Spiralling UK costs have impacted the van insurance market, as the average quote now sits at over £1,100 per year, according to a new report.

The best sites for valuing your van

Your van is a valuable part of your business – but how valuable? Here’s where to find out online.

Top tips to avoid driving tired

Got a big delivery to do? A long distance drive coming up? Or a potential night-time journey? Avoid driving tired by using these tips.

Claiming on your van warranty policy

Even a van that’s regularly serviced will almost certainly have a problem at some time. Here's what you need to know claiming on about your van warranty.

Can I park my work van at home?

A van is a big part of any business - if your house is your company’s base, the chances are that’s where you will want to keep your van too.

Safer driving tips for van operators in 2023

Campaigners are asking van users to put safety on their ‘New Year’s Resolution’ lists this year in a bid to cut accident statistics on Britain’s highways.

What’s the right-sized van for my business?

Choosing the best van for the job can demand a bit of homework, including some maths. Let The Van Expert guide you through the basics.

A guide to the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for vans

Operating a van in London can be stressful enough, but on top of the traffic there are ULEZ and CCZ charges that you need to know about.

Managing van wear and tear

We look at the best precautions you can take to preserve your van, and what happens when you end a contract or sell it.

Can I part exchange a car for a van?

Does a change of direction mean you need a different kind of transport? Chopping your car in for a van is easy.

All-season tyres: does your van need them?

Running and maintaining a work vehicle is costly enough as it is, but are all-season tyres an expense worth considering?

New registration plate unlikely to halt van sales decline

Falling van sales won’t be boosted by the new 72-plate changeover starting on the 1st of September, according to a new report.

Electric vans – what’s on sale and what’s coming soon?

As more van buyers look to make a switch to EVs, our comprehensive guide tells you what electric vans are on sale now and what's coming soon.

Ageing van fleets to increase as owners shun EVs

The move towards EVs could lead to thousands of companies operating diesel fleets on an almost ‘indefinite’ basis, specialists have warned.

What you need to declare to your insurance company

Being transparent with your insurer is the best way forward. With that in mind, you should tell your insurer if any of these things happen.

Can I get finance on a van if I’m unemployed?

Need a van to launch your new business, but you currently don’t have a job – can you get finance? Yes, but it’s not plain sailing.

The best van subscription providers

Vehicle subscription is in demand, and may be perfect for your business needs. We look at some of the best van subscription providers.

Manual or automatic – what’s best for you?

The work you do, the journeys you make and your style of driving are considerations to bear in mind when deciding between a manual or auto van.