Green is the new black as London Taxi Company rebrands

The London Taxi Company has relaunched as the London Electric Vehicle Company, and has revealed the new electric TX cab


69 years after building the original black cab, The London Taxi Company has moved in a new direction, rebranding as the London Electric Vehicle Company and releasing the new TX cab, while also announcing plans for an electric LCV.

The new TX cab will hit the streets of London at the end of the year, boasting a range of over 400 miles with over 70 miles on battery power alone.

LECV claims that drivers can save £100 per week in fuel costs thanks to the vehicle’s new electric powertrain.

Orders for the TX cab can be made from 1 August. Drivers who have pre-registered their interest will receive priority. Prices have yet to be revealed.

LEVC has also announced that 225 TX models have been ordered by taxi company RMC in the Netherlands, which will be delivered in 2018.

A green future

From 1 January 2018, legislation stating that all new London taxis must be zero emissions capable comes into force, so the new TX cab has been built with this in mind. Transport for London anticipates that by 2020, 9,000 London taxis will be zero emissions capable.

Despite its futuristic credentials, the TX’s design is reminiscent of classic London black cabs, with a chrome grille the centre of attention.

The TX is constructed using aluminium bonding techniques, which LEVC claims will make the cab lightweight and offset the impact of battery weight without reducing the strength of the vehicle.

There will be space for six passengers, who will have access to wi-fi and mobile phone charging points. A new disability access ramp is also included.

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