Isuzu D-Max gets Raptor protection

New product added to accessories range


Isuzu has added Raptor Tough and Protective coating to the range of available accessories for its D-Max pick-up.

The existing ABS Plastic Load Liner can be vulnerable to scratches and damage caused by awkward loads.

The new coating has been developed to be hard wearing in order to protect against daily wear and tear. Forming a watertight seal, it protects the pick-up’s flatbed from the elements and reduces the risk of corrosion.

Customers can choose different finishes including smooth and non-slip and the coating can be tinted to match or contrast with the pick-up’s bodywork.

The Raptor Tough and Protective coating is available from Isuzu’s specialist application centres.

Isuzu D-Max with Raptor
Isuzu has developed the coating to fit in with the D-Max’ rugged workhorse image
Katharine Morgan
Katharine Morgan
Katharine graduated from university with a degree in Classics. She is a former contributor to both The Car Expert and The Van Expert.

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