More efficient engines for Doblo & Ducato


Fiat is upgrading its Ducato and Doblo van ranges with new Euro 6-compliant engines.

The new powertrains use a Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (LPEGR), which lowers NOx emissions without the complexity, added weight and additional costs associated with using emission additives.

The LPEGR technology functions by channelling exhaust gases away after the diesel particulate filter, cooling them through a low-pressure cooler and then recirculating them ahead of the turbo charger. According to Fiat such a solution ideal for commercial vehicles and campers where simplicity, reduced weight and low running costs are of paramount importance.

One of the Ducato engines has been replaced by a significantly downsized unit, the Euro 5 2.3-litre MultiJet 110hp making way for a new 2.0-litre 115hp MultiJet II engine. It claims combined cycle fuel economy of 47.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 157g/km, both improved over its predecessor as are the performance and refinement.

The range-topping 3.0-litre 180hp unit has also been superseded, by a 2.3-litre MultiJet II unit of the same output but considerably improved fuel efficiency and emissions – 46.3mpg on the combined cycle and 160g/km.

The core 2.3-litre MultiJet 130hp and 150hp engines have also gained the LPEGR technology. People carrier variants, meanwhile employ Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR), using AdBlue fluid to convert nitrogen oxides (NOX) to non-harmful gases – the AdBlue filler is placed close to the diesel filler behind the same fuel flap to ease refilling the 151-litre tank.


The Doblò models have also seen improvements to their engines. The 1.3-litre MultiJet II 95hp and 1.6-litre MultiJet II 105hp turbodiesels are now both offered in new ‘EcoJet versions with fuel efficiency improvements of 12 and 15 per cent respectively, along with cuts in emissions.

These gains are achieved by the use of Start&Stop, low rolling-resistance tyres, low-viscosity oil, an ‘intelligent’ alternator, a variable-displacement oil pump and a new aerodynamic pack. Fuel economy is up to 61.4mpg with CO2 emissions of 120g/km.

At the top of the range a new 1.6-litre MultiJet II 120hp has replaced the previous 2.0-litre unit. It is as powerful as its predecessor but capable of combined cycle fuel economy of 55.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 135g/km.

Fait Professional Ducato models start from £21,445 while the Doblò range costs from £13,545, excluding VAT and on-the-road charges.

Andrew Charman
Andrew Charman
Andrew is the News and Road Test Editor for The Van Expert. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and has been testing and writing about new cars and vans for more than 20 years, and attends many new model launches each year.

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