Nissan NV300 concept showcases recycled battery tech

Recycled Nissan Leaf batteries converted into portable power packs


Nissan has built a new NV300 concept van conversion to highlight a new integrated portable battery pack made from recycled Nissan Leaf batteries.

Displayed to the public at the Brussels motor show in Belgium this week, the van has been fully kitted out in the form of a mobile woodworking workshop.

The highlight of the NV300 concept is a new integrated battery system called Nissan Energy ROAM. It’s a weatherproof power pack that can provide silent, emissions-free electrical power for tools and equipment.

The Nissan Energy ROAM system uses second-life batteries taken from scrapped Nissan Leaf passenger cars, showcasing the company’s ability to recycle electric vehicle batteries in innovative ways.

Although battery life had been a concern for many electric car buyers, Nissan has proved that the batteries on a Leaf will often outlast the car itself. The company has previously showcased a large battery pack for home electrical management using recycled Leaf batteries as well.

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Energy ROAM provides electrical power for workers on the move

The battery in the NV300 concept has a storage capacity of 700Wh, and a maximum power output of 1kW. It’s aimed at those who need consistent power on the move, without having to rely on a petrol-powered generator or running the van’s engine to power their equipment.

The battery can be charged from the van’s engine while driving, but the NV300 concept also includes a roof-mounted solar panel to make charging completely sustainable.

As part of the mobile woodworking studio conversion, the concept van’s interior features an integrated touchscreen computer, LED ceiling lights and a rail-mounted swivel seat.

Francesco Giacalone, LCV Planning and Marketing Director, Nissan Europe said: “With the NV300 Concept van, Nissan is really thinking about the future of the commercial vehicle as an authentic partner for business customers.

“It’s practical and versatile as well as innovative and self-sufficient with the addition of Nissan Energy ROAM. We believe it has enormous potential in the LCV sector and is a key differentiator for Nissan commercial vehicles.”

The Energy ROAM system will be launching in European markets this spring, although pricing and UK availability are yet to be announced. In the meantime, regular Nissan NV300 vans are readily available from your local Nissan dealer.

Nissan NV300 concept van - woodworking bench

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