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Managing van wear and tear | The Van Expert

Managing van wear and tear

We look at the best precautions you can take to preserve your van, and what happens when you end a contract or sell it.
All-season tyres does your van need them

All-season tyres: does your van need them?

Running and maintaining a work vehicle is costly enough as it is, but are all-season tyres an expense worth considering?

Cutting costs or cutting corners?

The industry ombudsman is urging van drivers not to ignore regular servicing and safety checks to try and save costs.

Keeping your van tyres in good order

As the only component on your van that actually touches the road, tyres an the most important part of the vehicle. So why are they so often ignored?

Prepare your van for the annual MOT test

It’s bad enough having your van off the road for its MOT test in the first place, so you don’t want it to fail. Our MOT tips might help.

Why cleaning and maintenance is so important for van owners

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your van isn’t just about looking good, it can help to reduce repair bills and increase re-sale value, a commercial...