Vauxhall slims down LCV trim line-up

Vauxhall has restructured the trim grades for every model in its LCV range, unveiled the sporty Vivaro GS, and changed the branding of its electric vans


Vauxhall has slimmed down the trim grade range available for every model in its LCV range from four to two, and has also unveiled the sporty Vivaro GS.

The outgoing ‘Dynamic’, ‘Sportive’, ‘Elite’, and ‘Edition’ trims that made up the regular Combo and Vivaro van ranges have now been replaced by a two trim structure, consisting of the entry-level ‘Prime’ and top-spec ‘Pro’ grades. The larger Movano range is now only sold in the ‘Prime’ guise. The new range is now available to order, with the first customer deliveries expected to arrive in the UK early next year.

This trim reshuffle also stands for the all-electric versions of Vauxhall’s van models, which have now dropped the ‘-e’ moniker and are now called the Combo Electric, Vivaro Electric and Movano Electric.

Vauxhall says it has slimmed down the number of trims available to improve “the value proposition for customers”, as well as improve the on-board tech available as standard.

All models in the Combo, Vivaro and Movano ranges now come with infotainment that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and entry-level Vivaro models now come with automatic windscreen wipers.

Range-topping ‘Prime’ trim includes the brand’s navigation software, rear parking sensors, a rear-view parking camera and Vauxhall’s ‘FlexCargo’ configuration that adds a load through flap between the cabin and the rear storage.

Beyond the two trims on offer, Vauxhall now offers four additional packages, each for an additional fee. The ‘Safety Pack’ adds driving assistance features like lane keeping assistance and speed sign recognition. On the Vivaro, this pack also adds adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

The ‘Design Pack’ makes the lower body cladding and wheel covers body colour. Finally, the ‘Worksite Pack’ increases the van’s ground clearance, as well as adding a spare wheel and an underbody protection plate for the engine.

Beyond the ‘Prime and ‘Pro’ versions of the Vivaro and Vivaro Electric, Vauxhall has also unveiled the Vivaro GS, which distinguishes itself from standard models thanks to its sportier bumpers in the front and rear, its 18-inch alloy wheels finished in black, and the additional of a spoiler above the rear doors.

That sums up the changes to Vauxhall’s van range – the powertrains and wheelbase options remain the same. The manufacturer adds that it has made some price reductions to the Combo, Vivaro and Movano ranges as part of the update.

Prices for the new Vivaro GS start at £41k, while the Vivaro Electric GS is priced at £55k.

Sean Rees
Sean Rees
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