Electric Crafter offers city centre solution

Van offers 124-mile range without affecting load space.


Volkswagen has unveiled an electric version of its Crafter van at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show.

Displayed in concept form, the vehicle is described as having an unimpaired cargo capacity. It can take loads of up to 1.7 tonnes, offers a cargo space of 11.3 cubic metres and a load height of 1961mm, with 1380mm width available between the wheelarches and 4855mm in cargo length.

The e-Crafter is powered by a 100-kilowatt electric motor fed by a 312-cell battery pack with a total capacity of 43 kilowatt hours, which is fitted under the load floor.

Volkswagen quotes a maximum speed of 80km/h (48mph), therefore fitting the UK single-carriageway speed limit for vans which is 50mph. It offers maximum and immediate torque of 290Nm, which greatly aids acceleration and overtaking.

According to its makers the e-Crafter has a range exceeding 200km (124 miles). Battery recharges to 80 per cent capacity can be achieved in 45 minutes. Volkswagen adds that future battery developments could make ranges of over 400km possible.

The e-Crafter is expected to appeal to commercial companies operating in city centres with emissions regulations but as the range of the van increases it could become more widely adopted. The concept is on display in Hannover in production-ready form and versions of it will go into use with customers sometime in 2017.

Andrew Charman
Andrew Charman
Andrew is the News and Road Test Editor for The Van Expert. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, and has been testing and writing about new cars and vans for more than 20 years, and attends many new model launches each year.

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