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How to stop your van being stolen

With expensive equipment locked inside, vans are often the target of thieves in the UK - we discuss ways to prevent your van being stolen.
Van thefts on the rise

Van crime falls in 2019 but still costs victims thousands

The number of vans stolen and thefts from vans dropped in 2019 – but the average cost of goods stolen is increasing.
Van thefts on the rise

Theft from vans costing tradespeople £264 million a year

Tool theft from vans costs trade professionals £264 million a year and can put them out of work for 30 days at a time on average.
Van thefts on the rise

Six tips to protect your van from theft

Security is something that all van owners should be prioritising, with the number of vans stolen increasing by 45% over the last four years.
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More than 30 vans stolen each day as alarms still not standard on all...

More than 43,000 vans have been stolen since 2016, with a further 117,000 broken into, costing drivers and businesses more than £61.9 million in lost tools and other items.