Anglian Water adds 33 electric vans to fleet

Anglian Water has acquired an additional 33 electric Vauxhall vans with a further 43 due by the end of the year, bringing its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) to 86.

The company, which currently spends more than £4.5 million on diesel every year, is expected to add a further 130 EVs to the fleet next year. In addition, to the electric vans the company has reviewed its car policy and is enhancing its offering of EV’s with orders already received for 32 electric cars and they expect this number to exceed 60 by the end of the year.

Anglian Water vans currently cover 20 million miles on the road each year. The new electric vans, supplied by Vauxhall and converted by vehicle converters Bott Ltd, will be used by Anglian Water frontline engineers.

“Extensive analysis of telematics data has identified large numbers of vans that meet a set criteria for operational teams to transition to electric vehicles,” said Mick Farmer, Head of Fleet at Anglian Water. “We will now be working even closer with these teams once the new vans have been deployed to help us identify any additional challenges other operational teams are facing. This analysis will enable us to create our next EV plan enhancing our transition as we expand the fleet further.”

To operate electric vehicles Anglian Water has installed additional electric charging points across a number of their sites enabling the company and its employees to recharge their EVs on-site.

One particular issue that had to be dealt with was powering auxiliary equipment without affecting the range of the vans. “One particular difference from an ICE variant vehicle to an EV, is that the electrical power available for the necessary tools and equipment a utility user needs to perform their job role, is potentially reduced,” said Bott Ltd manging director, Kevin Woodward said: “This means we have to look to alternative methods of control and optimisation, to reduce the impact of electrical accessories on vehicle performance and range.

“With our own investigations, and working closely with Vauxhall, we have built in a combination of manual and automatic regulation of the auxiliary electrical system. This keeps the user working effectively without exceeding any manufacturer-recommended limits.

Anglian Water exceeded its 2020 carbon goals and drove down capital carbon by 61% and operational carbon by 34%, with the company on track to reach, and help others to reach, net zero by 2030.

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