New Ford navigation tech could help van drivers save money

Sat nav-linked system will show drivers when they should slow down and change gears to maximise fuel usage

Ford will add a new on-board system to its commercial vehicles in order to help drivers save fuel.

Named EcoGuide, it’s an on-board driving coach that links to the vehicle’s satnav – where it is capable of predicting the route ahead and warning drivers so that they can avoid hard braking or cornering too fast.

Driving behaviour is analysed, and EcoGuide uses the satnav data to look ahead for corners, bends or junctions. Drivers are then warned in the instrument cluster which gear they should be using, and given a recommended speed to maximise fuel economy and avoid sudden movements that could affect the van’s potentially delicate cargo.

Ford Transit with new Ford EcoGuide navigation technology | The Van Expert

Drivers can also view a report of their journey after they’ve stopped, helping them learn for future trips.

EcoGuide will first be seen on the Ford Transit range – the full-sized Transit, Transit Custom panel van and Tourneo Custom people-carrier. A similar system will also feature on the upcoming Mondeo hybrid.

Michael McDonagh, the chief engineer for the Transit, explained the system, saying: “Everyone has experienced occasions when we have to brake suddenly if a bend is tighter than expected, only to speed up again afterwards. EcoGuide will help avoid this, saving drivers fuel, time and stress.”

The Ford EcoGuide system is expected to make its debut later this year.

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