Renault Masters the art of F1 car transportation

Box van proves extra versatile as it transports F1 show cars around Europe


Renault has created an eye-catching showcase for its van conversion programme by creating a bespoke car transporter for the Renault Sport Formula One team.

A Renault Master platform cab has been converted to a single car transporter with a box body and is used primarily to transport show vehicles to displays and exhibitions around Europe. Created by accredited Renault converter, Advanced KFS, the Master features several bespoke touches ideal for transport.

It’s based on the front-wheel drive, 3.5-tonne Master platform cab, and is powered by a 170hp 2.3-litre diesel engine.

The conversion has been engineered to allow transportation of a Renault F1 team show car – essentially a previous season’s racer, with its engine removed and the current livery. It features an electric winch to help with loading and unloading, and the loading ramps have been carefully calculated to avoid extreme angles which would ground out the car.

Renault Master conversion for Renault Sport F1 team alongside F1 car

A far more efficient car transport solution

The Master is far more manoeuvrable than many of the alternative means of transporting F1 show vehicles, which previously would have involved a tow vehicle and trailer, an external company or in extreme cases, one of the team’s 40-tonne Renault Range T articulated lorries.

In one particular situation, the Master has even been called up to deliver onf of the team’s race vehicles in full trim, complete with engine, to Valencia in Spain. The van’s 844kg payload easily accommodates the 350kg show car, or a 700kg race car in full trim.

Weighing under 3.5 tonnes also means the conversion can be driven on a standard car licence, allowing the team far more flexibility in who can use it compared to a 40-tonne lorry. Given that team will participate in up to 200 display events per year, this represents a significant saving.

Tim Baston, supervisor of the static show cars, said: “Having the transporter has made a major impact on the efficiency of our show car operation. It’s constantly out at events, going as far afield as Spain, France and Belgium.

“Its ease of use means we are saving in all areas, particularly in manpower as only one person is now needed, which allows us to enjoy financial gains in travelling expenses and also grow productivity back at base.”

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