Safer driving tips for van operators in 2023

Campaigners are asking van users to put safety on their ‘New Year’s Resolution’ lists this year in a bid to cut accident statistics on Britain’s highways


Road campaigners are asking delivery drivers and van users to put safety to the top of their ‘New Year’s Resolution’ lists this year in a renewed bid to cut accident statistics on Britain’s highways.

Around five people – from car and commercial vehicle users – die every day on the road in the UK, while 84 suffer serious injury. Now road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring is asking professional drivers to rethink the way they do business and put safety on their ‘to do’ list for 2023.

The safety organisation wants drivers to think again about their driving habits and build in, for example, more time to get from job to job. They say renewed concentration while on the road – ignoring mobile phones and avoiding wandering minds when thinking about work – are important steps towards safer travel over the next 12 months.

Thinking about road safety makes particularly good sense in January, says the safety group, adding that this is the end of the holidays, the start of a new period of work and contracts, with long winter nights and the threat of bad weather to consider.

“If we all commit to a few minor changes in the way we use the roads, the benefits for everyone will be significant, and we will all be doing our bit for road safety,” says GEM chief executive Neil Worth.

“It could be as simple as leaving five minutes early to keep stress levels down on journeys, refreshing your knowledge of the Highway Code or making a commitment to banish distractions on journeys. These can all be achieved with little effort, but the effect they can have on a safer road environment is massive.

“As road users, let’s help each other and work together to create a safer environment for everyone, all year round.”

Here are GEM’s five simple tips to help professional drivers make worthwhile traffic resolutions in 2023:

1. Before a journey:

Take a few minutes to plan and check your route before you set off. This will help ensure you don’t get lost, and by leaving five minutes early you won’t end up rushing to a client and making risky decisions.

2. Pay attention:

Give the road your full attention. Don’t be distracted by passengers, mobile phones or thoughts about business.

3. Hold back:

Make a pledge that you won’t react to the actions of other drivers. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t waste time and increase risk by trying to rebuke another road user. Focus on holding back and staying safe.

4. Choose your speeds wisely:

The speeds you use are entirely your own choice, so ensure you make wise decisions to keep your speed both legal and appropriate for the conditions. Time and space are two commodities you can never have enough of when driving, especially if you have a heavy load on board.

5. Be alert:

Don’t drive tired. Around 25% of all fatal or serious injury crashes are sleep related, so if you feel exhausted after a day’s work, or become tired on a long drive, then stop and rest.

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